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About-STRIDESTRIDE (Supported Training & Rehabilitation in Diverse Environments) is a non-profit, charitable, community based vocational rehabilitation program founded in 1983. STRIDE is the only Halton based organization whose primary purpose is to serve the employment needs of individuals facing mental health and addiction issues.

STRIDE provides a comprehensive range of employment support options, which are responsive to individual needs.

A continuum of services is available, including:

STRIDE is committed to creating opportunities for people facing mental health issues to gain meaningful employment. Families, doctors, mental health professionals, and community partners may refer individuals, or we accept self-referrals.

With expertise in the area of employment and mental health, STRIDE’s goal is providing the necessary supports that facilitate people’s attempts at finding, getting and keeping work. We work to improve the lives of persons facing mental health issues by offering the training and support necessary to improve work readiness and employability.


STRIDE is committed to creating opportunities for people with mental health and/or addiction challenges to gain and maintain meaningful employment.


STRIDE envisions a world in which barriers to employment associated with people living with mental health and/or addiction challenges have been eliminated.


STRIDE recognizes that employment and earning power contribute significantly to a person’s sense of dignity, independence and quality of life.

STRIDE believes that people living with mental health and/or addiction challenges make significant contributions to society.

STRIDE respects the individual needs and strengths of each person. We work collaboratively with our stakeholders and clients to assist them to identify and achieve their employment goals.

We believe:

  • In treating people with dignity and respect
  • In all individuals having the opportunity to achieve their employment goals
  • In providing service levels that exceed our customers’ expectations
  • In creative, innovative responses to the ever-changing political, economic and work environments