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About-STRIDESTRIDE (Supported Training & Rehabilitation in Diverse Environments) is a non-profit, charitable, community based vocational rehabilitation program founded in 1983. STRIDE is the only Halton based organization whose primary purpose is to serve the employment needs of individuals facing mental health and/or addiction challenges.

STRIDE provides a comprehensive range of employment support options, which are responsive to individual needs.

A continuum of services is available, including:

STRIDE is committed to creating opportunities for people facing mental health and/or addiction challenges to gain meaningful employment. Families, doctors, mental health professionals, and community partners may refer individuals, or we accept self-referrals.

With expertise in the area of employment and mental health, STRIDE’s goal is providing the necessary supports that facilitate people’s attempts at finding, getting and keeping work. We work to improve the lives of persons facing mental health issues by offering the training and support necessary to improve work readiness and employability. Click here to view our Client Bill of Rights Policy and Procedure.


STRIDE envisions a world in which barriers to employment have been eliminated for people living with mental health and/or addictions challenges.


STRIDE is committed to providing person centered support to empower people living with mental health and/or addiction challenges to gain and maintain meaningful employment.


STRIDE recognizes that employment and self-determination contribute significantly to a person’s sense of dignity, independence and quality of life.

STRIDE believes that people living with mental health and/or addiction challenges make significant contributions to society.

STRIDE respects the individual needs and strengths of each person. We work collaboratively with partners and individuals we serve to assist them in identifying and achieving their employment goals.

We believe:

  • In treating people with dignity and respect
  • In all individuals having the opportunity to achieve their employment goals
  • In providing service levels that exceed expectations for those we serve
  • In creative, innovative responses to the ever-changing political, economic and work environments


STRIDE believes that all individuals facing mental health and/or addiction challenges have the right to participate in those aspects of life that are most valued including involvement in a variety of work opportunities that form an integral component of overall well-being.

STRIDE believes that wellness is possible for every individual and focuses on working with the individual towards achieving personal wellness goals. Our agency recognizes that services should be provided according to individual needs and desires. We also respect the autonomy of the individual to make decisions affecting their present and future employment status.

We recognize our staff and volunteers as key to the organization’s success. Staff and volunteers of STRIDE are committed to providing high quality services that facilitate individuals’ attempts at gaining and maintaining work. We have a commitment to management practices that facilitate open communication and allow participation in problem solving and program development and implementation.  We continually seek new ways and means of being responsive to the ever-changing needs in the community.

STRIDE works cooperatively with other community agencies and groups to provide comprehensive person-centred services. These services are provided in a manner which upholds the value, dignity and rights of each individual, without discrimination, based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, sexual preference, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. We recognize our obligation to maintain confidentiality and protect the individual rights of every person we serve.

We believe in accountability to all our stakeholders. We recognize the value of public participation in planning and implementation of service programs. We strive to improve the lives of individuals facing mental health and/or addiction challenges by offering the training and support necessary to improve employability and work preparedness. It is our privilege and responsibility to provide the best services possible to enhance each individual’s independence in the community and celebrate their success.