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Quinterra Property Maintenance Inc. would like to take this opportunity to offer our testimonial thanking STRIDE for allowing us to partner with them. The partnership has allowed us to hire staffing through their organization, filling job openings available within our company, keeping our work force to capacity. To date we have employed four STRIDE employees who have worked at various job sites for periods ranging from eight months to two years. We have found these employees to be punctual, displaying consistent work ethics, all the while performing their specific duties to Quinterra’s high standard of performance. Our clients have been very pleased with the performance of these hard working individuals. With STRIDE’s assistance in providing us with staffing we have been able to train each individual in specific duties, resulting in Quinterra providing the service that we are contracted to fulfil, keeping our clients satisfied with our service. We at Quinterra are delighted with our partnership with the STRIDE organization and look forward to enjoying our partnership for years to come. THANK YOU STRIDE!
- Doug Derby
Quinterra Property Maintenance Inc.
STRIDE has been a fantastic resource in helping my company grow. I find working with their clients and staff a pleasurable experience and would recommend their program to anyone.
- Mike Danchuk
Owner, Truss Contracting Services
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the fabulous services that have been provided to our organization. We have had the opportunity to partner with STRIDE on a number of occasions to bring highly capable staff into our organization through the Employment Connections Program. I have truly appreciated the calibre of candidates that have been brought to us, as well as the support that STRIDE has provided through the recruitment process and the employment relationship. STRIDE staff are always professional, friendly and helpful, and do amazing work in our community. We have a number of valued staff from this program that are very successful in their roles. Support from STRIDE allowed us to provide opportunities for these staff that we may not have been able to provide otherwise. Your Employment Connections Program has definitely brought value to our organization.
- Rebecca Weber
Human Resources Manager, Milton Community Resource Centre