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HYPE (Helping Youth Prepare for Employment) Workshop

What’s all the HYPE about?

The Youth Employment Program has developed the Helping Youth Prepare for Employment (HYPE) program. This workshop is now offered to existing clients, clients on the waitlist and youth in the community. The group is a six week Psycho-educational group which is designed to be very hands-on and skill-based. Each participant leaves the group with a portfolio for job hunting and the skills needed to land their dream jobs. Topics covered during the group include resume writing, targeted cover letters, job searching and interviewing skills to name a few.

The HYPE group is available to run in the STRIDE offices as well as being offered in the community. If you would like further information, please contact us.


Diving into the Dark Side of Social Media

Diving into the Dark Side of Social Media is an interactive presentation that provides youth with current information about the effects social media could have on their future. This presentation will explore how employers, university and college recruiters are now using social media in their recruiting processes. We cover real life cases of youth who have been effected by their social media use. We discuss the importance of security and privacy setting, as well as going through how to use these effectively. Social media has become a place youth feel comfortable expressing themselves and as result may pose safety and privacy concerns. We will discuss and demonstrate how to remain safe on social media and also how to report any concerning posts or pictures.
This presentation is great for all youth who are using social media, and who may be interested in employment, college or university in the near future.

Click here to download the flyer


Opening Doors to Employment

Opening Doors to Employment is a hands-on presentation that gives youth the tools needed to begin their employment search. We cover all the steps of finding employment, from job searching to maintaining your employment. Participants will be provided with the materials and skills needed to make their own resumes and cover letters, as well as get a head start on their employment portfolio.
This presentation is great for youth who are looking for their first job, struggling to find employment, or planning on starting their employment search in the near future.

The Youth Employment Program has presented these workshops to individual classes, entire schools and youth groups. If you are interested in booking any of these presentations, please contact Bonnie Trimble tos discuss costs and availability.

Contact us for more information.