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Oakville Community Foundation’s 25 Community Conversations

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Terri Skov, Nina Mamula, and Zachary Totzke for their efforts in organizing and hosting an event called ’25 Community Conversations’ on July 29, 2019.

25 Community Conversations was started by the Oakville Community Foundation in celebration of their 25th Anniversary this year. Through this initiative they are gathering twenty-five different groups within Oakville to come together and host a conversation taking place through May to August. The conversations center on the theme of “Belonging” in Oakville. The best ideas will be published in their Annual Report at the end of the year.

STRIDE hosted a conversation at our Oakville site in which we brought together clients, staff and community partners to discuss the issues that are most relevant to our group. A staff member of the Oakville Community Foundation was also in attendance; she expressed her appreciation to STRIDE for hosting this event.