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STRIDE’s Job Development Services are designed to assist the individual to obtain a job that is appropriate based on their abilities and desires. It takes into account the existing opportunities in the local job market as well as non-advertised positions in the “hidden job” market. Our Job Developers work with employers to seek out opportunities for previously non-existent jobs based on gaps discovered during needs analysis discussions with employers. Jobs that were previously inaccessible to candidates may now be attainable through the development of accommodation plans and negotiations for support and/or job coaching.

At STRIDE, our approach is individualized and based on the individual’s strengths and needs. It is about finding and creating that “right fit” between the individual (the candidate) and the employer. Communication and being accessible to both the candidate and the employer is key to the success of this approach.

Individuals who are wanting and are ready for job development services are referred internally to the Job Developer by the candidate’s Employment Specialist or Youth Employment Specialist.

The following criteria has been established for an individual to be referred to Job Development:

  • The individual is motivated and ready to work
  • The individual has established a realistic job goal
  • The individual is willing to be promoted to a potential employer by our Job Developer

Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding our Job Development Services.