Youth Employment Team Video!

Since early 2018, Bonnie Trimble our Manager, Specialized Employment Services has been an active member of the development of a Youth Collective Impact team who, with many of our community partners,  have been developing a pilot project aimed at improving outcomes for youth involved with Halton Children’s Aid in terms of their education, employment and training.  This is now called the Halton Youth Collective Pilot Project.

One of the ways that the collective have worked to improve outcomes is to wrap services around the Youth taking part in the project in the form of Mentors who will stay in contact with them regularly and assist in building skills and navigating systems.  In previous years, we would have had an event where the youth and mentors and all of the community partners would attend together so that they would know what services we offer.  As a result of Covid, this year it was decided that we could best inform the youth and mentors of the supports each Agency can offer them via a video. 

Click here to see the video our Youth Employment Team put together.